Yongpan Zou (邹永攀)

Assistant Professor
College of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Shenzhen University
Addr.: Room 943/720, Building of Computer Science, South Distrcit, Shenzhen University
Email:; Tel.: (0755)86934659
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I am currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Computer Science and Software Engineering of Shenzhen University, since September 2017. I obtained my Ph.D in February 2017 in the CSE Department of HKUST, under the supervision of Professor Lionel M. Ni. Prior to this, I received my B.E in School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University in July 2013.

For more complete information about me in research, teaching and other aspects, please kindly refer to my CV here [CV_cn].

Research Interests

My research interest covers Wearable and Mobile Computing, Human-computer Interaction and Ubiquitous computing. My vision is to develop new technologies, algorithms, and systems that enable smart sensing, provide intelligent services, and deliver novel applications. I draw on novel sensing & computing technologies with embedded system design, machine learning models, signal processing algorithms, and mathematical methods to solve real-world problems. I am now leading Intelligent Perception and Mobile Computing Group.

Academic News

  • 2021/07, our paper “iScreen: A Pure Software-Based Screen Privacy Protection System for Mobile Devices” has been accepted by IEEE UIC 2021 which propose a method to protect screen privacy.

  • 2021/03, our paper “Beyond RSS: A PRR and SNR Aided Localization System for Transceiver-free Target in Sparse Wireless Networks” has been accepted by IEEE TMC which designs a localization system in a device-free way.

  • 2020/10, our paper “MetaDigit: Towards A Practical Digits Input System with Few User Effort” has been accepted by Sensys 2020 Workshop AIChallengeIoT 2020 which discusses the trade-offs between different metrics when deasigning a learning-based gesture recognition system. The first author is a master student under my supervision.

  • 2020/08, our paper “What You Wear Know How You Feel: An Emotion Inference System with Multi-modal Wearable Devices” is accepted by Mobicom 2020 as a poster paper which explores the feasibility of inferring human emotions with wearables. The first author is a master student under my supervision.

Selected Publications [Full List]

* indicates the Corresponding Author; AR is short for Acceptance Rate

Conference Papers


[PerCom’20] SilentSign: Device-free Handwritten Signature Verification through Acoustic Sensing
Mengqi Chen, Jiawei Lin, Yongpan Zou*, Rukhsana Ruby, Kaishun Wu
in Proceedings of the 18th IEEE PerCom, Austin, Texas, USA, March 2020. (CCF Rank B, AR: ~16%)


[ICDCS’19] EchoWrite: An Acoustic-based Finger Input System Without Training
Yongpan Zou, Qiang Yang, Rukhsana Ruby, Yetong Han, Sicheng Wu, Mo Li, Kaishun Wu
in Proceedings of the 39th IEEE ICDCS, Dallas, Texas, USA, July 2019. (CCF Rank B, AR: 19.6%)


[PerCom’19] AcouDigits: Enabling Users to Input Digits in the Air
Yongpan Zou, Qiang Yang, Yetong Han, Dan Wang, Jiannong Cao, Kaishun Wu
in Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Percom, Kyoto, Japan, March 2019. (CCF Rank B, AR: 16.6%)


[Ubicomp’18] BiLock: User Authentication via Dental Occlusion Biometrics
Yongpan Zou, Meng Zhao, Zimu Zhou, Jiawei Lin, Mo Li, Kaishun Wu
In Proceedings of the ACM Ubicomp, Singapore, October 2018. (CCF Rank A, AR: ~20%)

Journal Papers


[IoT-J] A Low-Cost Smart Glove System for Real-time Fitness Coaching
Yongpan Zou, Dan Wang, Shicong Hong, Rukhsana Ruby, Dian Zhang, Kaishun Wu
in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Volume 7, Issue 8, pp. 7377-7391, March 2020.


[TMC] EchoWrite: An Acoustic-based Finger Input System Without Training
Kaishun Wu, Qiang Yang, Baojie Yuan, Yongpan Zou*, Rukhsana Ruby, Mo Li
in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Volume 20, Issue 5, pp.1789-1803, February 2020.


[COMMAG] Wi-Fi Radar: Recognizing Human Behavior with Commodity Wi-Fi
Yongpan Zou, Weifeng Liu, Kaishun Wu, Lionel M. Ni
in IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 55, Issue 10, pp.105-111, October 2017.


[TMC] GRfid: A Device-Free RFID-Based Gesture Recognition System
Yongpan Zou, Jiang Xiao, Jinsong Han, Kaishun Wu, Yun Li, Lionel M. Ni
in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp.381-393, February 2017.



[AIChallengeIoT’20] MetaDigit: Towards A Practical Digits Input System with Few User Effort
Shicong Hong, Zhihong Xiao, Jinyuan Liu, Yongpan Zou*, Kaishun Wu
in Proceedings of the 2nd ACM AIChallengeIoT, Yokohama, Japan, November 2020.


[Mobicom’20] What You Wear Know How You Feel: An Emotion Inference System with Multi-modal Wearable Devices
Dan Wang, Haibo Lei, Haozhi Dong, Yunshu Wang, Yongpan Zou*, Kaishun Wu
in Proceedings of the ACM Mobicom, London, United Kingdom, Septermber 2020.


[MobiSys’18] A Novel Finger-Assisted Touch-free Text Input System Without Training
Qiang Yang, Hongrui Fu, Yongpan Zou*, Kaishun Wu
in Proceedings of ACM Mobisys, Munich, Germany, June 2018.


[CCCF] 面向新型智能设备的交互技术
伍楷舜, 邹永攀
中国计算机学会通讯,第15卷,第4期, 53-56,2019年4月。

Professional Services

  • TPC Member for

    • UIC 2020, MSN 2020, HPCC 2020, UIC 2019, Globecom 2018, VTC 2018-Spring, Globecom 2017, ICPADS 2017

  • Reviewer for

    • ACM IMWUT, IEEE TMC, IEEE COMMAG, ACM/IEEE ToN, PMC, ICPADS 2016, Ubicomp 2016, Globecom 2017

  • Chairing service

    • Publication chair of ICPADS 2017, ICPADS 2018 and ICPADS 2019

    • Program vice chair of PCC 2019

Group Members

  • PG Students

    • Shicong Hong, Haibo Lei, Zhihong Xiao: since 2019

    • Haozhi Dong, Canlin Zheng, Danyang Wang, Chengzhe Luo, since 2020

    • Peizhao Zhu, Jianhao Weng, since 2021

  • UG Students

    • Qihui Guan, Jinyuan Liu, Zishuo Guo: since 2019

    • Yunshu Wang, Zitao Wang, Songjia Yang, Xiaomei Wang, Wenxing Tang: since 2020

  • Alumni

    • Dan Wang, Baojie Yuan, Jialu Dai, Zijian Pan, Huabin Li, Wenting Fang, since 2018

    • Yetong Han, Jiawei Lin, Hongrui Fu, Qianru Liao, Yuming Yang, Sicheng Wu, Ziyin Wang, Yuhang Li: since 2017

    • Qiang Yang, Meng Zhao: since 2016

    • Weifeng Liu, Shufeng Ye, Changsheng Zhou, Junjun Bao, Xuejin Zhou, Jingchuan Xu, Zehui Zheng, Jinyong Wu: since 2015

Selected Teaching Achievements

  • 第15届“挑战杯”广东大学生课外学术科技作品竞赛优秀指导教师奖,2019.05。

  • 2018年“广东省大学生创新创业训练计划项目”优秀指导教师,2019.04。

  • 深圳大学2018届百篇优秀本科毕业论文(设计)指导教师,2018.06。

  • 全国高校物联网应用创新大赛优秀指导教师奖,2018.05。

  • 指导本科生吴思成、廖倩茹、杨聿铭获得第十六届“挑战杯”全国大学生课外学术科技作品竞赛二等奖,2019.11。

  • 指导本科生符鸿瑞、杨聿铭、廖倩茹获得第八届“华为杯”中国大学生智能设计竞赛全国冠军,2018.08。

  • 指导本科生王姿尹、吴思成、廖倩茹获得中国计算机设计大赛全国一等奖,2019.07。

  • 指导本科生吴思成、廖倩茹、杨聿铭获得第十五届“挑战杯”广东大学生课外学术科技作品广东省竞赛特等奖,2019.05。

  • 指导本科生王姿尹、廖倩茹、吴思成获得中国计算机设计大赛广东省赛二等奖,2019.05。

  • 指导本科生杨聿铭、符鸿瑞、洪史聪获得2018年“广东省大学生创新创业训练计划项目”立项(国家级),且结题优秀,2019.04。

  • 指导本科生廖倩茹、王姿尹、吴思成、李宇航获得2018年“广东省大学生创新创业训练计划项目”立项(省级)并且结题通过,2019.04。

  • 指导本科生戴嘉璐获得2019年“广东省大学生创新创业训练计划项目”立项(省级)且结题良好,2020.05。

  • 指导本科生潘子健获得2019年“广东省大学生创新创业训练计划项目”立项(省级)且结题良好,2020.05。

  • 指导本科生王丹获选“深圳大学2018届百篇优秀本科毕业论文(设计)”,2018.06。

  • 指导本科生洪史聪、王姿尹、廖倩茹获得2018年广东省大学生计算机设计大赛三等奖,2018.09。

  • 指导研究生杨强、林佳伟、韩晔彤获得第五届全国高校互联网应用创新大赛华南赛区一等奖,2018.04。

  • 指导研究生杨强、林佳伟、韩晔彤获得第五届全国高校互联网应用创新大赛全国二等奖,并获得全国优秀指导教师奖,2018.05。

  • 指导研究生杨强、赵猛、陈文强、赖雅斌获得第四届中国研究生移动终端应用设计创新大赛二等奖,2018.10。

  • 指导研究生王丹、袁宝劼、韩晔彤、林佳伟获得第四届中国研究生移动终端应用设计创新大赛二等奖,2018.10。